Starting out

October 7, 2010 § 2 Comments

It would be impossible for me to recall and retell all of the events that have taken place in my research over the last few years here on this blog in any kind of chronological order. However, I will do my best to at least provide some accounts of past research to help provide some background as well as a foundation for future updates to build upon. In this way I hope to impart some of the excitement of my own experiences in doing this genealogy.

The principle family surnames being currently researched are Conroy, Dunn, and Donnelly. The family name Harney, while only related through marriage, is also being researched, primarily because their roots go back furthest in America itself (as of this research date). As you might have guessed, all families originated in Ireland in Counties Laois (formerly Queens Co.), Waterford, and Leitirm respectively. I do not yet know where the Harney’s hailed from. One final surname researched is Littleton. Those of you who know me well might notice a coincidence with this and the town name where I grew up. More on that later.

The primary sources I have used for research include both US and Irish census returns, immigration records and ship manifests, city directories, birth, marriage, and death records, and also military records. Most of these I have accessed through, but a large amount of work has also been done at the National Archives in Waltham, Massachusetts and the Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.

Research itself is an interesting process. I find it quite addicting, actually, and I know many others do, too (hence the blog title). It is often the case to spend hours looking and searching to no avail only to suddenly stumble upon something unexpected. The exhilaration and excitement then drives you to continue and before you know it your up til two and three in the morning. When this pattern begins to repeat itself at least once or twice a week, maybe more, then you know you’re a “junkie.”  : )

As stated above I will try to put together a little background for the sake of the blog but you can expect me to diverge from this time to time and either discuss research techniques or current findings that I’m too excited not share right away. See ya ’round!


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