James Joseph Conroy

November 9, 2010 § 5 Comments

James Joseph Conroy was born 23 Feb 1882 in County Laois to James Conroy and Catherine Heffernan, parents of about twelve children who included siblings Ellen and Sarah, who have been discussed previously (see Meet the Conroy’s). While the evidence of an existing birth record is slim, later documents do confirm his tie with the family.

Immigration record for James Joseph Conroy, showing that he was met by his sister Ellen, who was living in Newton, Massachusetts.

James was not present in the Conroy household for the 1901 Irish census (neither was his father, if the returns are accurate; he was also listed elsewhere) but he immigrated in May of 1904 into Boston where he was met by his sister Ellen who had paid for his passage. He lived with Ellen and her husband, Thomas Harney, in Newton, Massachusetts for a short period, and then appears to bounce between Newton, Natick, and Waltham for the next several years. In 1911 he is married to Delia Connelly of Carraroe, Co. Galway and they start a family.

Massachusetts marriage record for James and Delia Conroy, 1911.

J J Conroy Naturalization Record


Sometime between 1925 and 1928, while living in Waltham, James apparently has a change in wives, even though he is still living at the same address. I do not know if there was a divorce or what may have happened, nor do I know the fate of Delia, although if an online tree is to be believed then according to the Social Security Death Index she eventually moves to and dies in Holliston, Massachusetts.

James is then married to a woman named Annie M Sullivan, whom I believe has at least one child from a previous marriage herself.  After 1931, however, the trail goes cold since Natick does not have any city directories past that time available online. The quest to fill in the gaps, of course, will continue.

1931 Natick City Directory


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§ 5 Responses to James Joseph Conroy

  • Andy Carpentier says:

    I will tr to track this for you next time I am in Natick. I am sending you the Sherlock Holmes costume I wore for Halloween to Rafael’s party – you warrant it far more than I do.

    • Census Junkie says:

      Thanks dad. In the meantime we all have to wait for 2012 when the 1940 census is made available. Just two more years! Plus, I may have a few other tricks up my sleeve…

  • Chris Sammelmann says:

    I have a grandfather named James Joseph Conroy, Sr, he was married to a Mary, ( possibly Margaret) they had 3 children, David P Conroy, James Joseph Conroy, Jr and a daughter Mary Conroy who married a Harry G Blake. I am looking for any information on my grandparents

  • Chris Sammelmann says:

    The james joseph conroy, sr that was my grandfather lived in worcestere, ma, and i believe Boston

    • Census Junkie says:

      Thanks for saying hello. If you know any dates for the folks you mentioned I can look and see what I can find.

      Otherwise, I’m not sure there will be any direct conection. Unfortunately there were a lot of James & Joseph Conroys in the world, often living in the same town or city.

      Let me know

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