Two Exciting Announcements

January 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am very pleased to announce that Census Junkie is the proud recipient of the Ancestor Approved Award, and was nominated by fellow blogger Mike Dawson of You Don’t Choose Your Family. It is really nice to be recognized. The award stipulates that you must pass it on to ten other bloggers, as well as list “ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled or enlightened you.” Check out the end of this post for the ten things.

I am little embarrassed to admit that I am not familiar with ten other blogs! I know a few, but it is hard to get much browsing time of my own. So let me at least acknowledge Mike Dawson’s blog again because, even though he has already received the award, I would still pass it on to him all the same. Also, Joe Beine’s Genealogy Roots Blog is another good blog, and he often has great links for vital records online. As for the other eight I’ll say this, I will endeavor to become familiar with some other blogs, and when I do I’ll make sure to say something about them here on Census Junkie.

The next exciting announcement is that Census Junkie has been added to the blogroll of the GeneaBloggers website. GeneaBloggers is a huge community of blogs devoted to genealogy, and I’m glad to be added to the ranks. The official announcement will come on Saturday, January 29, 2011. A day that will live in infamy, for sure. Well, perhaps not. Hopefully not.

Here’s the list:

  1. Recently discovering a whole mess of folks, all living in Newton, Mass., that I am still in the process of proving a relationship, but I’m pretty darn sure they’re related.
  2. In part because of the above, and others, realizing how important Newton has been to my maternal great-grandmother’s family. Such as St Bernard’s Church in West Newton where everyone seemed to get married.
  3. In contrast, realizing how important Calvary Cemetery in Waltham, Mass. is to my ancestral history, on account of how many folks are buried there.
  4. Getting in touch with a handful of distant cousins either through or this blog has been a real thrill.
  5. Thanks to information from Griffith’s Valuation, and collaborated by Michael Flanagan of Dublin, I’ve come really close to being able to identify the exact farm the Conroys lived on in the early 1800s, land which has now be claimed by the wilderness surrounding it.
  6. Just as Newton seems to have been important, so have other towns in Massachusetts, such as Waltham, Natick, Cambridge, Somerville, Saugus, and Lynn. I am a native Bostonian by birth, but I never realized how deep and wide the connections within Mass went.
  7. On another branch of the tree, the Dunns have also been fascinating. Shortly after opening a ‘saloon’ in Worcester, Massachusetts, William Dunn died, and his wife, Ellen, took over the business.
  8. I am still mystified by Thomas F Dunn’s apparent departure to New York City in 1909, just before his supposed return to Massachusetts before his wedding in 1910.
  9. Edward Donnelly may not have been one of Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Riders, but he did serve in Cuba during the Spanish-American war, stationed in Havana.
  10. I haven’t been bored once, and while I occasionally am frustrated, I keep coming back for more.

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