Thomas Patrick Dunn – Baseball Umpire

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Thomas Patrick Dunn was born 15 Mar 1898 in Athol, Massachusetts, the son of Ellen Flynn and the much troubled John J Dunn (see post). According to his birth record his middle name originally was Michael, but that seems to have changed at some point, although I do not know why. In the year 1900 the family had moved to Fitchburg, Mass., and they appear in the 1900 census there. A brother, Daniel, was also born in that year.

Thomas Michael Dunn birth Athol 15 MAR 1898, second line.

In 1903 Thomas’ younger sister, Bridget H Dunn, died as an infant at the age of five months. The following year a second brother is born, William Francis. Tragically, their mother, Ellen, died in 1905. Not too long after these difficult times did Thomas’ father, John, began to experience increasing troubles with drinking and was arrested repeatedly for causing public disturbances, many of them violent. In 1910 John is a prisoner at the Worcester County Jail on Water Street, Fitchburg, which later became a one-time home of the Wachusett Potato Chip Company. In 1911 John is also sent to the Bridgewater State Hospital.

In the year 1915 Thomas’ younger brother, Daniel, dies from an illness, but the whereabouts of their father, John, is unknown. Thomas’s aunt, Bridget Dunn-Lombard, even inquires about John when hearing about a certain ‘John Dunn’ who died in Buffalo, New York, but it turns out to be another man. Eventually, John returned home to Fitchburg; he is listed in the 1920 census living with his sister, Bridget. By this time Thomas has married, to a woman named Loretta, and they continue to live in Fitchburg. They again appear in the 1930 census in Fitchburg, Loretta working at a beauty shop. What has become of Thomas’ father, John, is a mystery.

By 1930 Thomas has begun to work as a baseball umpire in the small-time local leagues. The earliest mention of his career that I found so far is actually from 25 Apr 1922, in a small section of the Fitchburg Sentinel. Dunn quickly built a strong reputation for himself as a balanced and fair umpire, it is often remarked in articles about his good favor among players and owners alike. His record, as noted in articles, includes mentions of typical umpire issues, such as making controversial calls which occasionally the crowds did not like, as well as ejecting a player or manager now and again.

Thomas moved up through a few different leagues before finally settling in for the National League by 1939. His debut game, in which he called third base, was played on 27 June 1939 between the then Boston Bees (originally called the Boston Beaneaters) and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The game lasted an amazing 23 innings and was played at Braves Field, Boston. Before becoming the Bees, the Beaneaters had also been known as the Braves, and the team made a deal with New York to acquire the famed Babe Ruth. Just prior to this Tom Dunn had umpired the Braves’ exhibition games in Florida, where he received good reviews. Upon his return to Massachusetts he officiated a Boston Braves-Boston Red Sox series, before going to New York with the American Association.

The Boston Beaneaters, 1888.

By the end of 1935 the Braves weren’t doing very well, and in an attempt to change their image they also changed their name to the Boston Bees. This did little to help, and by 1940, a new owner had changed the name back to the Braves. In 1953 the team was moved to Milwaukee, and in 1966 finally to Atlanta, where they became the now well-known Atlanta Braves. Historic Braves field was largely converted into a sports field, and is now part of Boston University’s Nickerson Field.

Historic Braves Field, Boston. From

Tom Dunn also umpired the 1943 All-Star game, as well as the 1944 World Series. He eventually moved to Maryland, where he died. He was buried in Leominster with his wife who had passed away a few years before. Considering the darker times that seemed to surround his childhood, Thomas Dunn appears to have made a good life for himself, and was well thought of by many.

Thomas "Tom" Dunn, umpire. Image from Out of the Park Baseball Community

Very special thanks to Jeannine Levesque, Historical and Genealogical Collections Coordinator at the Leominster Public Library, who tracked down Thomas Dunn’s obituary, proving my family connection. You’re the best, Jeannine!


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