Welcome to my whimsical explorations into my family genealogy. I am not an expert of the subject and this will not be a blog that should be viewed as a tremendous contribution to the already high quality research blogs that are out there.

However, I do think I have learned a thing or two over the last few years doing this research and this will be the venue in which I try to pass those lessons on. Mostly, it will be an outlet for me to report and reflect on my experiences.

I first became excited about genealogy several years ago when pondering a family mystery that had arisen in light of some curious facts. My mother had some documents to hand over to me and I was hooked. Over the ensuing years I would dabble here and there, occasionally having some successes, but for the most part it was a part-time thing.

However, this last year and a half I have really dived in and have work very diligently on putting together as much of my family tree as possible. One point of clarification here is needed; I have been exclusively working on my mother’s side of the family. Most of my father’s history has already been laid out.

Thanks for visiting the site.

One last word, All content within this blog, including the name “Census Junkie”, is considered the intellectual and copyrighted property of the author, Michael A. Carpentier, including all written blog posts and images, unless specifically credited to someone else. Any use, without the express written approval of the author, in any form, digital or otherwise, is prohibited, and simply wrong. So don’t be a wanker and ask for permission first.

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